Given the results of my tests on the RB, I had to try to do something. Anything. So I ordered some foam and started to replace the seals of the back and rotating adapter, hoping it would take care of the leak.
As you will see, it helped somehow. But it didn’t fix it.
Still trying to capture the beautiful morning light we use to have through the windows of our Eildon Road flat in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. Still trying to capture the kids playing quietly together. Still getting nice pictures spoiled with the light leak of death. Still, I love the way the light catches Inès hair.
It would seem I always end up shooting quiet moments. Family time with young children certainly is not always quiet. But shooting with film, I have to limit myself to controlled environments where I can take my time to meter and focus properly. Hence the "slight” bias. I pushed the dynamic range ability of the Delta 400 on this one. I should have metered for the shadows. We still get a glimpse of Ines’s look and mood. I just wish I got more of it.
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